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Onyx Games begun operations as a video game development company. Our goal is to develop a quality game in Unreal Engine 5 that appeals to a broad audience of gamers and connects the dots between blockchain and a potential AAA game.

Our play-and-earn (P&E) MMORPG, Onyx, takes place in the antiquated continent of Draddera. It is shrouded in secrecy and the birthplace of humanoid cat like creatures with a deadly past who have battled for generations to establish their reputation and power. You can enjoy a deep lore and a wide range of game mods, including; dungeons, raids, PvP arenas, and much more as we progress with the game development.



Vision and Mission

Our vision is to develop an enjoyable game for gamers all over the world. Enhancing their gaming experience, creating an engaging game and delivering what gamers truly desire.

Our mission is to provide a one-of-a-kind gaming experience in which revenue does not solely benefit the gaming industry but players as well.

Problems and Solutions

Players are left behind

In regular games it is extremely difficult for regular players to earn money or, at the very least, return a portion of their money.

Blockchain integration

By connecting our game to the blockchain we are enabling players to trade their in-game assets with other players, instead of being forced to keep them indefinitely.

Games of poor quality

Most P2E games are solely concerned with the earning system rather than gameplay quality.

High quality game

Focused on an enjoyable, immersive gaming experience, accompanied by the unrivalled high quality graphics of Unreal Engine 5.

Big promises

Games that promise large earnings to players are very difficult or impossible to maintain.


By allowing a dynamic game economy the sustainability of the "Earn" part of the Token Economics are adjustable according to the movements of the in-game statistics. This enables Onyx to not fix the game economy once, instead dynamically adjust the aspects also according to the player base.

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