Hunters have the ability to shoot arrows from a great distance with astounding precision. Once they become aware of their prey, they become unstoppable, and their pray destiny is determined.

Hunters prefer a nomadic lifestyle and rarely belong to factions. Elders of hunter tribes are very careful of technologically advanced populus and stray far away from big cities and ports. Hunters are highly skilled in gathering information, tracking, and assassinating their targets. Given special training, they often are hired to collect information on valuable assets. Most hunters stick to the Hunter's creed of non interference.


Description: Dash backwards while shooting an arrow with increased attack power.
Type: Single target

Description: Place a nasty trap that roots and damages an enemy.
Type: Single target

Description: Fire a poisoned arrow that creates a toxic cloud in the area, enemies within the cloud are damaged, slowed and have reduced healing effects.
Type: Area of effect

Description: Shoot a volley of arrows with increased attack power.
Spell type: Multiple targets

Description: Shoot an arrow that disarms an enemy and reduces their mobility.
Spell type: Single target

Description: Shoot a piercing arrow able to penetrate up to 3 enemies.
Spell type: Multiple targets

Description: Fire a hail of arrows into the sky that drop and deal damage to enemies in the area.
Spell type: Area of effect