Vanguards pride themselves on their survivability. They are sworn protectors with primary goal to absorb damage and prevent others from being attacked.

Vanguards are recognized as the sworn protectors of magical items. Stationed across the whole land of Draderra they guard and secure magical breaches, excavation sites, and vulnerable regions. Mostly recognized for their heavy armor and bulky appearance they are pillars of might and justice for all to respect.


Description: Reduce your mobility but absorb damage to then heal for a portion of the absorbed damage.
Type: Self cast

Description: Dash forward with a shield to stun an enemy.
Type: Single target

Description: Form a barrier around you that regenerates health per second.
Type: Self cast

Description: Charge forward, dealing damage to enemies in the area.
Type: Area of effect

Description: Regenerate health of allies within the area.
Type: Area of effect

Description: Drop an artefact from the sky that when hitting the ground, deals damage to enemies and increases the attack power of allies.
Type: Area of effect

Description: Conjure an orb that lures surrounding enemies closer before lunging in with your spear.
Type: Area of effect